Aging diversity activity essay

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The Importance of Aging Studies: Understanding the Influence of Diversity and Culture

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You can use some argumentative essay examples, but we recommend you to take a look on the best persuasive essay topics: Old age as the final phase in human development, the last stage of development. Aging as an irreversible process.

This activity will help students develop an understanding of the social and cultural dimensions of the lifespan, and in particular of the aging process; and, to further develop their ability to think long-term and multi-dimensionally as they apply anthropological concepts and approaches to a current issue in American society.

There are more than four hundred theories on ‘how’ and ‘why’ we age. None of them stands out as a single winner in explaining everything about ‘aging’ but in fact, they are all interconnected and together they explain the possible process of aging. Aging Brain The documentary of the aging brain relates to chapter two: neuroscience as a basis for adult development and aging of our class book as it gives us a more in depth look at how the brain works as we age and some brain made diseases.

From Vaillant’s aging well, to Erikson’s life stages, to Leont’ev’s activity theory, there is a lot to learn and to understand. For the purpose of this paper, I am going to focus on the Activity Theory of aging.

Thesis Statement Physical Activity

Aging populations are becoming more diverse in terms of color, culture, identity, disability, and socio-economic standing. As a result, the need for culturally competent professionals and businesses that serve and provide products for older adults is increasingly important.

Aging diversity activity essay
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