Essay on graciousness

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Kindness: An essay written by my 15-year-old daughter

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Essay on graciousness

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Grace Is a Gift

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There is a certain sense of elegance and graciousness that pervades much of Rooster which is drawn from the characteristics of the dance styles of European courts of the late s to the early s.

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Kindness means that we recognize that others are fragile--that we have the power to hurt or heal them--and we choose to be healers.

When we are kind, we don't take advantage of our power or of other people's vulnerabilities. It's not unusual for a college admissions essay to talk about a person who played an important role in your development.

Whether this is a parent, a friend, a coach, or a teacher, such essays can be powerful if they avoid common pitfalls.

Essay on graciousness
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Towards a Gracious Society: Examples of Good Essay Intro