Just say no to private prisons essay

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Just wanted to say that I am so glad I found your website! I got the dreaded ACS. Looking for information on the ACS and how to not participate I ran across Truth is Treason. What great information and help to fight.

Private Prisons or For -Profit Prisons Essay - Private Prisons A private prison or for-profit prison, jail, or detention center is a place in which individuals are physically confined or interned by a third party that is contracted by a government agency.

Hutto is one of two immigrant-detention facilities in America that house families—the other is in Berks County, Pennsylvania—and is the only one owned and run by a private prison company.

Nov 10,  · "Just say NO to privatised prisons. We should be closing them all down so we can begin focusing on rehabilitation anyway!" The Result: convicted murderers are free to walk the streets provided they attend rehabilitation classes.

“Just Say No” is clearly not the answer to the current opioid epidemic, either. Prevention strategies need to do so much more than tell young people to literally just say no to drugs.

Just say no to private prisons essay
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